Shhhhhh….Do You Want to See the REAL Caribbean?

It’s easy to take a Caribbean holiday; Travel Agencies are full of glossy brochures, inclusive packages, just jump on a plane and we’ll take you there…

But how about a peek into some of the less visited havens, for a taste of the real Caribbean island life?  Return home with a suitcase full of local experiences and adventures.

Surprising Diversity

Every single one of the 35 or so territories that make up the Caribbean region has its own unique personality, rich in a history of the slave trade and piracy, exotic in its climate, flora, fauna and people.

Inspired by my first sailing trip down the Windward and Leeward island chain from St Martin to Grenada in ‘new’ boat Ibis V, I abandoned immediate plans to return to the Med with Ibis, deciding instead to make this unique way of seeing the Caribbean islands an opportunity for others to experience.


And this is why…

No, that’s not me on the front cover but I am in the video!

Get Closer

Arriving in a place by boat, you’re instantly closer to the local people – even chores like refilling the gas bottles take you to places that other tourists never see; and buying local provisions, engaging with market traders and local fishermen is a real life experience that can’t be bought in an all inclusive package.

Whether you want to hobnob with the glitterati in designer shops, swim with turtles in a marine park, walk along an old slave trail or hike to a secluded waterfall pool high in the rainforest hills, the Caribbean has something for everyone….if you know where to look. In fact there’s so much to see that it’s difficult to choose a location for your first visit!


A Changing Itinerary

So we decided to offer an ever-changing itinerary and to add new trips and new places to our plans each year…after all, you don’t want to go to the same places each holiday do you? We want you to come back again and again to see other wonderful places in the Caribbean Sea.

And that’s exactly what our guests do! In only our 6th year (2015), we’re so proud to have one lady who’s taken 4 trips on Ibis so far, and several others have already taken 3 holidays with us.

So whilst we do visit the popular Caribbean sailing haunts like the BVI, it’s only a part of our schedule and we also like to go “off piste” every once in a while and throw in some more challenging places, like Cuba and the Bahamas (2012-14) and Central America (coming in 2016-18).


Aimed at Singles and Solo Travellers

Not everyone has a bunch of friends who sail, or who’d like to sail, and it can be difficult to round up enough shipmates to share the cost of a bareboat charter.

Likewise, not everyone wants to be responsible for the bareboat and the people on board whilst they’re on vacation, or to sail sail under the leadership of someone who might not have skippered a boat since a couple of years ago in Greece! Many of our guests have taken a sailing course in the past, but haven’t sailed much since and realise they need to refresh their skills again before stepping up to a bareboat charter in a strange area.

Yacht Ibis provides an affordable way to have a magical sailing holiday in the Caribbean without needing to find a boatful of shipmates or to take responsibility for the boat or for others. Instead, you can practice your rusty sailing skills or learn the fundamentals of sailing from scratch, whilst meeting like minded people looking to do exactly the same as you.

And for experienced sailors, we’re a way of getting to sail on a great boat in a part of the world you haven’t yet seen!


You’ll Have Your Own Bed

I remember only too well my early days of sailing when people on a sailing course might be expected to share a bed with a stranger, albeit of the same sex!

After travelling such a long distance, the last thing you want to do is get into bed with someone you’ve never met before! Whilst this might have been a lot of fun at Cub Camp, it’s not what you’re looking for at this point in time. We guarantee you’ll have your own bunk and somewhere to stow all your gear.

And we definitely won’t charge you extra for travelling on your own.


Experienced, Qualified, Considerate Skippers

We’ll keep you safe, we’ll help you learn, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and well fed.

Our skippers all have a sailing school teaching background and are comfortable with all levels of sailing experience. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned sailor, you can be sure that you’ll take home some new skills and knowledge that will stand you in good stead for future sailing adventures. All of our trips are participatory and you should expect to pull some ropes, steer the boat, tie some knots or prepare a passage plan…and everything in between! Tune up those rusty sailing skills and regain your confidence in no time.


…And We Also Cook!

We provide you with healthy, home cooked meals using the freshest local produce available, so you needn’t worry about provisioning the larder before we leave port. Whilst you shouldn’t expect Michelin star meals, you can be sure of tasty, home cooked food made with love.

We cater to most food allergies, diets and preferences – within reason in our small galley.

Our Team

Sam Bartlett

Founder, Skipper Ibis V & Bleu Turquoise

Hazel Charman

Enquiries Assistant

Francois Honnorat

Floating Skipper & Bosun

Our Boats

Yacht Ibis Sailing

Ibis V

Dufour 48 Prestige

Bleu Turquoise

Farr Designed Beneteau 50

Mi Casa Su Casa

Just bring your shorts, shades, swimsuit and sunscreen and make yourself at home!

We provide you with quality linens and towels, snorkelling gear, a wet weather jacket and of course, all of the sailing safety equipment we might ever need for any eventuality.


Incomparably Equipped Boats

There is no expense spared in maintaining our boats to the highest possible standards of both safety and comfort. We’ve chosen vessels that are strongly built for world cruising and upgraded them with all the necessities for long term live-aboard cruising.

Things like:

  • solar panels & a wind generator
  • increased battery capacity
  • a fully equipped galley complete with fridge and deep freezer
  • offshore fishing rods and lures
  • plugs and chargers of all varieties
  • full office facilities (for emergencies!)
  • and extensive offshore safety gear

These are just some of the things we carry that you simply won’t find on a standard bareboat sailing boat.

So whilst we may not be the cheapest way to sail in the Caribbean, we are dedicated to ensuring you have a magical, relaxing but energising and memorable adventure; sailing to out of the way places, in comfort and safety, and with lots of laughter along the way.


But don’t take my word for it…

What Our Guests Say…