Caribbean Sailing Holidays for Singles & Solo Travellers

Solo travellers made up over 90% of our guests over the last 18 months, and that includes a lot of girls too, so if you’re a single sailor you’ll be in good company on Ibis!  We can’t promise you’ll meet your soul mate, but we can promise you an adventure…..and a whole lot of fun.

  • A shared experience not a dating service
  • No Single Supplement
  • A bed to yourself…guaranteed
  • Maximum group size 6 people per boat
  • Time for exploring & socialising
  • No sailing experience necessary
  • Spirit of adventure obligatory!

What Our Guests Say

  • Martijn van der DriftMartijn van der DriftNetherlands

    Had a great time.  Enjoyed the fun crew and I loved the well decked out Ibis.

  • Liz ColeLiz ColeAtlanta, US

    I had a wonderful time and loved being with such great captains and crew.  I'll be back for sure!

  • Adrian HoldenAdrian Holden

    "I have just spent 2 weeks with Sam Bartlett on her Yacht Ibis, I was a complete novice to sailing, having only done a couple weekends with disinterested skippers in poor british weather on tired old boats. So I found Sams boat to be comfortable well equipped and an excellent training ground, of course the weather is a plus in the Caribbean Sea and we were able to sail every day if we liked.

A Shared Sailing Adventure Not a Dating Service!

OK, OK, I don’t like the awful “singles” label any more than you do, but if you’ve reached this page, you must be someone who’s interested in single sailing, either as a single person, or as half of a couple where your partner’s not really keen. I hope the information you find here will demonstrate that not only is sailing a fantastic option for a solo traveller, but it’s also a way of meeting like minded people in a relaxed and healthy environment…..and having a load of fun to boot!

If you choose a single sailing holiday with Yacht Ibis, we can promise you a number of things – your own bunk, great food, exotic locations, exciting sailing and some hilarious banter. Over 90% of our guests are solo travellers and we have a high percentage of girls, too.  All of our trips are suitable for single sailors, and it’s important to note that it’s a shared adventure rather than a dating service….although who knows, you might just meet someone who ignites a spark! And if you don’t, you’re sure to take home some great memories and a thirst to sail more in this beautiful part of the world.

We sail with all levels of experience, from complete beginners through to seasoned sailors, and your skippers are commercial Yachtmaster and RYA Cruising Instructor qualified so they will help you to hone your existing skills and learn some new ones along the way. Places are limited on each trip and we take a maximum of 5 guests, so don’t be slow in getting your name down!

Drop us a line and book up for a single sailing adventure today….

Why Singles Sailing with Ibis?

Sailing People

There’s something about sailing; it’s not for everyone, but if it gets into your blood there’s no looking back. And there’s something about people who sail, too…..they’re

  • independent
  • intelligent
  • adventurous
  • nature-loving
  • a bit whacky
  • adaptable
  • fun!

Meet Like Minded People

If you think this describes you, then maybe you’ll discover your new passion…no, not a partner, Sailing!

Much More than A Holiday

A singles sailing holiday on Ibis is much more than a holiday; it’s an adventure, it’s a chance to get so far away from your life in the office that it fades into nothingness…at least for a little while. Time starts to slow down, and you can actually feel yourself blood pressure falling….relaaaax…..relaaaax….

Beginners are Welcome

So even if you’ve never been sailing before , why not give it a try? Surely it’s better to learn in paradise than a cold, rainy day on the Solent!

Get out of Your Comfort Zone

So what are you waiting for? Do something different next holiday…come sailing!

Adventures and Sailing

Def’n: ad•ven•ture
(ad ven ′ c ̸ h ə r, ə d-)

1. the encountering of danger
2. a daring, hazardous undertaking
3. an unusual, stirring experience, often of a romantic nature

transitive verb
adventured -•tured, adventuring -•tur•ing

1. to put in danger; risk; venture
2. to be bold about; dare

intransitive verb

1. to engage in daring undertakings
2. to take a risk


…by its very nature is adventurous; there is no predictability, just the age old battle of pitting your wits against the elements.

Throw in a smattering of historic sea battles, buried treasure & pirate stories, active volcanoes & wild, untamed rainforest and you have the recipe for a memorable adventure!

Our Sailing Holidays with No Experience Necessary:

For Beginners

Bahamas Sailing Vacation in the Exumas - 27th Jan to 7th Feb 2018

Active Bahamas Sailing Vacation in The Exumas Push back the winter with a sun drenched Bahamas sailing vacation in the Exumas sailing out
12 Days, 11 Nights
Bahamas Exuma Islands
All Experience Levels, Complete Beginners, Improver Sailors

Bahamas Sailing Vacation - Eleuthera 7th to 16th January 2018

Active Bahamas Sailing Vacation in Eleuthera Push back the winter with a sun drenched Bahamas sailing vacation in Eleuthera sailing out of Nassau.
10 Days, 9 nights
Bahamas Exuma Islands
All Experience Levels, Complete Beginners
Special Event

Bahamian Christmas & New Year Sailing in the Exuma Islands - 21st December 2017 to 3rd January 2018

Christmas & New Year Sailing in the Bahamas Exuma Islands Don't spend a gloomy Christmas home alone stuffing your face
14 Days, 13 Nights
Bahamas Exuma Islands
All Experience Levels, Complete Beginners

Sailing the Bahamas Exuma Cays - 17th to 26th November 2017

Active Holiday Sailing the Bahamas Exuma Island Paradise Push back the winter with some sun drenched sailing in the stunning Exuma
10 Days, 9 nights
Bahamas Exuma Islands
All Experience Levels, Complete Beginners