Sailing in St Kitts, Nevis and St Eustatius

The Sailing

Mostly day sailing with short (3 to 4 hours), inter-island hops in sheltered water; there are 3 longer day sail passages – across to St Barth’s, Sail to S’tatia, and back from St Kitts.  As there is some blue-water sailing, this trip might not be as suitable for complete beginner sailors as some of our other sailing areas such as the Bahamas.  If you have some experience and are looking for some blue-water miles then this is ideal for you.


St Kitts, Nevis and S’tatia are high mountainous islands dropping steeply into the sea and with beautifully dramatic rain forest covered slopes.  The beaches are backed by palm trees and tall cliffs, the sea, a greeny-blue.  Nevis in particular always looks spectacular, with a cloud sitting over the mountain peak.

Vibe / Ambience

St Kitts & Nevis are independent Caribbean islands and have a history as key sugar cane producers.  The vibe is sophisticated Caribbean as there has been, and continues to be, a lot of investment in the islands.  S’tatia is Dutch and despite being a tiny island, it was the biggest trading post i the Caribbean.  It has a unique ambience; very quiet and with a lot of history.

Things to Do & See

A visit to the UNESCO world heritage Brimstone Hill Fort in St Kitts has to be high on the list, together with lunch at one of the stunningly restored plantation houses.  There are some wonderful hiking trails and nature lovers will enjoy seeing the monkeys on Nevis – one of the few islands in the Caribbean to have monkeys; originally brought on the slave/trade ships as pets.  Climb the old slave trail to the fort on S’tatia and visit the museum there.

Our Sailing Holidays Coming Up in St Kitts, Nevis & St Eustatius

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