Sailing in Guatemala

OK, let’s be clear here – there won’t be much actual sailing going on in Guatemala!  The Rio Dulce is a river that goes from the Caribbean Sea into the jungle of Guatemala.  There are lots of shoal spots and a constant current that need to be negotiated. and with high cliffs, the winds will be flukey where they exist at all.  The river does widen into some inland lakes, but these have a lot of native water lilies… which could also prove hazardous to our prop, rudder and water intake!  We’ll be motoring most  of the time here.  Or kayaking up the tributary rivers…

The Rio Dulce is one of THE shangri la’s for cruising sailors today.  Our opportunity to take a slow boat upriver into Guatemala’s rainforest is simply a priviledge.   Plan to add some time ashore to explore the jungle flora and fauna and the Mayan heritage further inland.

Our Sailing Holidays Coming Up in Guatemala