Sailing in the Bahamas

Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue…..

The Bahamas are a collection of tiny islands scattered in a shallow sea just off the coast of Florida.

Getting There and Away

We sail out of Nassau which has great direct international flight connections from the US, Canada and Europe.

The Sailing

Easy day sailing with short (2 to 4 hours), inter-island hops in sheltered water; perfect for beginner sailors.  Those with more experience will enjoy shallow water sailing and reef navigation.


The Bahamas is a feast for your eyes, with a myriad shades of blue everywhere you look.  The islands themselves are flat as a pancake with little in the way of vegetation but the beaches are powdery white sand and the water crystal clear.

Vibe / Ambience

Nassau itself is a fairly busy Caribbean-ish town, people are friendly and helpful.  Once you leave Nassau, the island populations are small and the general vibe everywhere is of sleepy contentment.

Things to Do & See

Snorkelling, fishing and enjoying the beautiful beaches are the main order of the day, and it’s fun to take the dinghy gunk-holing into the creeks.  There’s not much else to do but relax with a rum cocktail and marvel at the sunsets.

Our Sailing Holidays Coming Up in the Magical Bahamas

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