Thinking About Sailing in Cuba?

Cuba for American Citizens

Cuba has always welcomed tourist visitors of all nationalities, however American citizens planning a trip to Cuba need to be aware that the American Government would prefer you didn’t go there and have made it a little more difficult than it is for people from other nations.

Despite these complications, American citizens have been travelling to and enjoying Cuba for decades!

Matthew Karsten has written a great article for Americans (also useful for everyone) interested in travelling to Cuba here.  There is also a wealth of useful information on the Cuba Land and Sea Facebook group here.

If you have any specific questions, please send me a mail or ask a question using the form at the bottom of the page.


A More Adventurous Ibis Trip!

Cuba is a wonderfully unique island that’s gradually changing to become more like many of the other places that you’ve visited around the world.

Coming here with us during 2018 offers you a great chance to explore this unusual country before it changes forever!

However, if you’re thinking of joining us for one of our Cuba trips during 2018, there are a few practicalities to be aware of:

  • There are no supermarkets, so provisioning will be a more adventurous group effort that may take more time than usual.
  • Many of the navigational charts are out of date and there are no Coastguard or dedicated assistance vessels, so we’ll take more care on the water.
  • The Cuban Government doesn’t want us to anchor near mainland towns, so we’ll spending more time in marinas and ports that usual and travelling by land a bit more than on our usual Ibis trips.
  • We will be inspected by La Guardia Frontera and will have to present our papers regularly.
  • Usable, cellular and WiFi networks are scarce, so voice & data communications will be difficult (we do have a satellite phone on board for important calls).

In short: We’ll be boldly going because it’s life Jim, but not as we know it but we hope that like us , you won’t let these peculiarities put you off coming to explore wonderful Cuba!