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Anguilla, St Barth’s, St Martin/St Maarten
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St Martin/St Maarten, St Barth's & Anguilla
St Martin/St Maarten, St Barth's & Anguilla

From the Ship's Log

Sailing Milebuilder from the Bahamas to Cuba - Feb 2018

Some challenging weather at the start, gave way to some wonderful trade wind sailing and gave us 4 days exploring the beautiful beaches of Long
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Lee StaceyLee StaceyProfessional Tanner

"Just like this web-site, a trip on the Ibis is aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable so your expectations are already off to a good start....

However, the web-site doesn't begin to convey Sam's easy going hospitality which makes you feel welcomed and at home from the off, her patient attitude (sometimes saintly tolerance) to your (well my!) ineptitude,